“Roc demonstrates professionalism, and commitment to quality. My
experience with him dates back over 15 years when I hired him...Roc
served as a member of my staff while I was VP and Director of the
Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory at Motorola.
He has the ability to quickly understand technologies and how to leverage
them to solve problems. Through thoroughly set expectations and
discipline Roc got his team to deliver on time and on target. Roc is very
good at creating a vision and sharing it with others. He works well across
Fabio Pintchovski, Senior Partner at Bridge ABFJ Associates

“Roc understood the technology development cycles and always pushed
for realistic schedules. While at Cypress he had to manage a wide
spectrum of projects and a large group of process and integration
engineers. He not only pushed the technology, but also implemented
change to Cypress's development specifications to enable fast Time To
Antoine Khoueir, Director at Seagate Technology

“Roc is a high level strategic thinker/executor/manager…Not only was Roc
an extremely capable technologist, he is the kind of manager that clearly
lays out expectations while providing the tools to execute those
expectations. Roc has an innate and somewhat unique ability to span any
project from the details to the strategic imperatives which provides all
those who work with him a value added resource to Get Things Done.”
Chris Lewis, President at ART Semi LLC ; General Partner at
LegacyTek LLC
Technical Consulting